Nikolos Robinson – this is the most innovative design I’ve seen in a long time keep of the good work!

Gabe Metallo – holy crap! I love this idea!. I’ve been dreaming of something just like this for sooooo long!

Jon Diaz – I think this is great I mean yea, for now this is pretty cool and I really can’t wait to try it

Derek Mason – I’ve been skating for 7 Years, and I think this is a pretty cool idea. I might try this out.

Alex Clark – This is the most Amazing Invention Ever!!! I’m looking forward to my very first.This foldable amazing idea and many parents with young kids that skate board would love this because it easy to store.

Hunter Gentlman – I really want one of these boards because I can’t take mine to school… the lockers are too small.

Omar Kashow– that’s pretty fricken sweet! I think this’ll start a generation of new things for sure get some pros to hop on this.

Tosh Parker – I love to skate so, thanks for making this thing exist, and when I’m in school there is no place to put to cause my locker is way too small for it and there is a lot of hills here, and as you probably know it sucks to have to carry your board up hills so I can just fold it up and put it in my backpack.

Dustin Dale Lowe – I would love to get one of these decks, I think they’re an awesome idea.

Gino Marino – I like the design, pretty neat keep up the good work!!!

Mickey Singer – This is an excellent idea, soundly executed and with a beautiful aesthetic, too.